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Huevo Splash

posted 5.3.2004
huevo splash logo

The logo is a significant part of the male anatomy, with a splash of cooling cologne.

A comedian named Pablo Francisco coined the phrase during a stand-up routine. My friends forced me to develop the advertising campaign and graphic design for the product. "Huevo Splash: For the man who shaves his huevo's." The logo is to the right.

signed by Pablo Francisco

Pablo came to Richmond, and we got his signature! I wasn't there to see him perform, but I hear he was hilarious. He loved the logo and advertising, and gave Orr a free CD in exchange for the rooster ad.

Here, the idea is to attach the brand name to a respected member of society. (Or, in the case of President Bush, to make fun of a member of society in a distinguished position.)

huevo splash bush


huevo splash einstein
huevo splash david

What if the "perfect man" were to have used huevo splash?

Here, I aimed to imitate popular advertising, such as the type from cologne companies like CK.

These are the more non-serious kind of advertising; the "this product is from a company who is lots of fun", similar to the advertising from Absolute Vodka.

huevo splash rooster

For the man with a smooth rooster.

huevo splash boy

This is just terrible.

huevo splash axe man

After a while, we could make fun of the brand.

Other ideas to promote the brand:

  • Show an image of someone obviously unkempt and dirty, and leave the logo out of the picture, suggesting that they do NOT use huevo splash. Perhaps next to a clean-looking guy with the logo. This would have to be introduced later, after the regular advertising were recognizable by the general public.
  • Much like American Eagle, huevo splash advertising could be geared toward the image of the life all guys want to have. Women, fun times with friends, etc. Imagine a picture of a guy throwing his head back and laughing, with all his friends gathered nearby, and a bottle of huevo splash set prominently in the foreground.